Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I am coming out, out of my shell
Long under the influence of your spells
Locked away in your antique culture cell
Where no one could hear me yell
I had screamed all in vain
Only I could feel the pain
It is time to break the chains
The ghosts of the past I must slain
Weighed down by societal shackles
Banging to be out, proud and sparkle

I am coming out, out of my shell
Doing away with your lying shields
It is unnatural, you screamed
You will burn in hell you preached
Fires and brimstones you raked
From your societal grip I break
In angry defense the truth I seek
To be free, to be me, I must speak
Coming out, head high, sets me free
I am proud, out and ready to peak

I am coming out, out of my shell
Proud to be out, I am ready to excel
Cultural lies and crumbs I was spooned
Like a caterpillar so long cocooned
I burst out as a beautiful butterfly wrings
Spreading my colorful rainbow wings
Shamed I might flounder and saunter
I will rise above slanders and be a flaunter
From the sidelines I am no longer peeping
Now I take center stage as I burst out singing
 By © Yemisi Ilesanmi 16 July 2011