Thursday, 20 December 2012


Brown skin, taut hair
It stands erect in its glory
Strong and firm
Glistening, it beckons
Its beauty invigorating
Its touch intoxicating
In my bare hands it nestled
I took it close to my heart
It feels so good, so alive
It tells of tales of pleasures
A dance in the jungle, a night filled with stars
Promise of unending tomorrows
This is no place for sorrows
I traced its contours
My fingers followed its smooth lead
Tapping gently on its creamy head
With a masterstroke I beat on it
From its depth came the sound of time
As I pound on it harder
The echoes reach farther
I was soon lost in the throes of sounds
With every rhythm my heart beat faster
Racing through jungles, oceans and rivers
Sweating, I burst out in a starry glaze
For the drumbeat
Echoes two heartbeats
Ever since my lover went away
And left behind the majestic drum.
 By ©Yemisi Ilesanmi, 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012

Sex workers need Rights not Rescue!

Dec 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. From a feminist and also a trade unionist perspective, I know supporting Sex Workers Rights is the logical thing to do.

Not all Sex Workers hate their jobs, not all Sex Workers are forced to be Sex Workers, Sex workers want RIGHTS not RESCUE. People should stop acting like knights in shining armor rushing to save ‘scarlet’ queens!

EVERY WORKER, whether a banker, micro biologist, intern, salesperson, street hawker, housewife, surrogate or sex worker should be protected from FORCED LABOUR. Yes, everyone’s body is being purchased for labour and sometimes for marriage too. I just wish people would know the difference between forced labour and one made out of choice. And the fact is that not many workers are 100% happy with their jobs and if they had a choice, many would gladly change jobs. I then wonder at those who scream that Sex workers do not like their job. I mean, can you truly say you love your job and wouldn't give it up even if you won a jackpot lottery?

It is not just people in low paying jobs that are not happy with their present jobs, this also include people in high, medium and low paying jobs i.e. bankers, doctors, lawyers, receptionists, nurses, soldiers etc. I just get pissed when the whole attention of "BUT THEY HATE THEIR JOB" is directed at sex workers.

There are many people especially immigrants with Masters Degrees and PhDs who now work in supermarket chain stores like Walmart, Sainsbury or Tesco as security men and cashiers. No they aren’t happy they went through the rigours and expenses of graduate school to end up with certificates that don’t pay their bills, they are therefore FORCED by economic, political and social situations to settle for jobs that would at least pay their bills and some settle for MARRIAGE to keep a roof over their heads, while some settle for commercial sex work.

Many people are choosing to be Interns and Volunteers because it fills the void before they finally find employment. Gone are the days when people do volunteer and internship work just to help out, now it is because they can't get a job and it also looks good on the CV, it is basically like doing good to earn ‘Paradise’ points on your card so you can make it to Heaven and live happily ever after with Sky daddy!

If some people decided that they'd rather jerk off in front of a webcam and be paid for it rather than take up a job as a Walmart assistant, or volunteer for a job they really should be paid for doing,  RESPECT THEIR CHOICE. For all you know, some could still win the lottery and decide they’d still rather be sex workers.

It is really none of our business what consenting adults do with their bodies, I still fail to see how my being a feminist means i have to hate sex work or try to save sex workers. I think it is about choice, respect and rights. And just like I’d say with my sexuality, your approval is not needed, and I think that is what sex workers are saying, they do not need feminists approval, what they want is RIGHTS like every other worker.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Old and bare
No leaves to cover
Your aged body
Amidst strong, big trees
With their green leaves
Taunting and mocking
Their branches poking
Shriveled but not bowing
You remain standing
Tall, majestic, unruffled
Today you have no leaves
Your branches are gaunt
Beaten but not down
Big bare old tree of life
Hang in there
Seasons do change
Your time shall come
Your leaves greener
Your branches stronger
Your roots firmer
Stand tall and mighty
Your glory is in your dignity.

Monday, 3 December 2012


This land of corrupt politicians
Rubbing Bellies full of stolen funds
Looting without a care
Killing with no remorse
Stoning gays, jailing Trans
This land full of Hate
Poverty and Ignorance
This is not my Africa
My Africa gives a reminiscence glow
Of Love so tolerant
Hospitality so warm
It embraced foreigners
Puts a roof over their heads
My Africa fed them
Africa of whom I sang odes
Loved without reservation
Gave without hesitation
Your hate is UnAfrican
Corrective rape is UnAfrican
Homophobia is UnAfrican
Intolerance is UnAfrican
Looting is UnAfrican
Genocide is UnAfrican
Ignorance is UnAfican!
From your greedy hate filled hands
We shall wrench back our Africa
Make it once again
The land of Love
Where Rainbow shines without Fear!