Welcome to my world!

Starting a blog and actually posting has been on my 'to do list' for a long time, finally I am posting in my own blog, thumbs up for me.

Why do I crave to join the already saturated blog sphere?
I am indeed amazed at the tremendous opportunity provided by free blogs and other social networks that make communication and sharing opinions just a click away, right at our fingertips! I have come across some amazing blogs, I have shared and learnt from bloggers' experiences; the release, the rants, the frustrations, the compassion, the need to reach out, build bridges and of course the opportunity to be very opinionated!

What is this blog all about?
I intend to open up and share a significant part of my life on this blog, comment on general issues and happenings in the society. 

I am a Feminist, Bisexual and Atheist. These are not things I do part time, or caps I take off when  things get hot, it is simply my life, I live it every minute, every second with no regrets. So, there will be some feminist talks and thoughts.

Also, I will be discussing sexual diversity, I belong to the "queer" group and identify as a bisexual. I am from an ultra homophobic environment and hope to use my blog to create awareness on sexual orientation and also break the deafening silence on so called “taboo” subjects. There will be discussions on sexual diversity, which of course will include discussions on sex, so watch out!

I will be talking religion or my lack of belief in God(s); I am an atheist, so that figures. 

And talking of “Figures”, I am a plus size model, I will share my interest in plus size modeling and my campaign for better representation of plus size women in the beauty and fashion industry, with some pics of me on the runway! Also watch out for my exclusive modeling blog, coming to your runway soon!

I love writing poems and I will be sharing some of my poems and my videos with you, all copyrighted!

Do enjoy my blog, keep in touch, your constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed. I appreciate diverse views but hate comments will definitely be deleted. Thank you.


  1. Yemisi, I have read through few of your bloggs and am impressed with with your writting and expression on issues.
    However , I am slightly concerned that your identity ONLY exist in OPPOSITION to just anything possible.
    It seems that is what makes you happy being in the opposition.
    The question that now comes to my mind is that:

    Your existence solely lies on being in the opposition to becoming relevant or popular in your own created world.
    But Life can be sweeter and better if you become an originator and connected to the Originator /Creator of the Universe.

    1. Dear Anonymous, if you have read through a few of my blogs as you said, you would understand that I oppose inequality, patriarchy, homophobia and institutionalized oppression, do you have a problem with that? Or is it that you consider anyone who does not play along with the majority on accepted undemocratic values as being in opposition just for (to quote you) "being in the opposition to becoming relevant or popular in your own created world"?

      I think you spew the utmost rubbish. Going by what you wrote, people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Karl Marx, Rosa Luxembourg, the suffragettes, civil rights fighters were just "being in the opposition to becoming relevant or popular in their own created world."

      And NO, dear Anonymous, life is not sweeter with an imaginary friend or Sky daddy, it is DELUSIONAL.

      Btw, thanks, my life is great as it is, I don't need delusions before I appreciate life or enjoy living. I do feel sad for you that you think you need an "Originator /Creator of the Universe" to make your life sweeter and better and even sadder for you that you'd waste precious time to proselytize to an atheist on her own blog! What a waste of existence!