Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Mystery lover!

Like the sunflower open to the sun
I cling to you yearning for my fun
Opening to you my honey to suckle
My knees under the pressure buckles
In your eyes I see the twinkle
Your smile gives me the tickles
As you take my hands in a tango
I know it is now time to tangle
In your arms on the dancefloor I dangle
With you on the bed the sheets I strangle

Mystery lover my sweet singer
Dancing to your magical fingers
You play me like a melody
As we make sweet memories
Bringing out my hot passion
A part so long sanctioned
My heart heavily panting
My fears already slanting
As you take me to heights
I never explored cos of frights

Sound of the bees buzzing
Everything is getting fuzzy
As you nimble on my nipples
Your tongue in me dribbles
Oh your fingers
Inside me lingers
The sensations so tingling
I am twisting and wriggling
Screaming in ecstasy
Hoping tis not a fantasy

In cum I am frothing
In space you are floating
In sweat I am drenched
Eyes shut, arms clenched
Hanging on to this fleeting moment
Waking up would be a torment
Mystery lover stay a minute longer
Let’s make love with you I am stronger
I must wake the dream is over
For you are my Mystery lover!