Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bisexual and Proudly so! My interview on Sporah Show!

 I don’t walk straight
 Not even for the bait
 I am merry yet not gay
 I am bi and I can bay
But greed
Is not my seal
Yet you all snigger
Calling me a player
Our goal is acceptance
Where is the tolerance?

I am not gay enough
To be wholly enfolded
Not sufficiently lesbian
To be totally embraced
Do I even talk Trans
I can’t brace the rants!
You preach diversity
As community necessity
But are quick to sneer
Whenever  I am near

Yes, in the mall
I want it all
With the dick
I play and lick
And the boobs
Makes me swoon
The big breasted
Leaves me besotted
With the intersex
I am a smitten Aphrodite

With the pussy
I get all fussy
The shaven sight
To suckle all night
Bouncy bums
I love to bump
Smooth balls
I like to smooch
With the Pecs
I need no specs

I am bisexual, not a player
So don’t make me a slayer
I am bisexual not confused
Like you I choose my companion
It is a natural attraction
Not just a mere selection
With love I embrace my lover
It matters not the gender
All I want is tenderness
For my love is genderless.
 By (c) Yemisi Ilesanmi 

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