Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The cancer called Religion!

There is a cancer in town; it is not a new disease, in fact it has been around ever since humans started creating Gods. It has always been dangerous; however with inducements and profits to be made, it gets more dangerous! Its most potent strategy of invasion is through indoctrination. Infected persons indoctrinate children and are commanded to infect others. People who are not infected or already cured are still affected by this cancer.  Distance is not a barrier as this cancer takes control of its victims and influences them to act in ways that have far reaching consequences.
As an infected child grows, the cancer also grows and it suppresses normal brain activity. When left untreated, the cancer grows larger than the brain and keeps the brain in a state of mental slavery, thereby rendering the brain useless.

 Religion is indeed a cancer; it is a cancer that is implanted in the brain of almost every child. Children get infected through already infected family members and guardians. Infected authority figures like school teachers and State agents also transfer the malignant disease.

Religion is the main cancer; however this cancer also comes in different shapes and sizes. The type of cancer most often depends on where a child was born and how deeply infected the child’s parents/guardians are. Geographical location also plays a key part in determining the severity of the cancer.

The cure for this cancer lies in liberating the brain; a sharp dose of reason, followed by daily therapy of logical thinking would shrink the cancer. Unfortunately the victims are prevented from using their brain by the well connected cancer.

 Infected children learn to accept the cancer as normal.  The cancer penetrates the brain and eats out the thinking part of the brain.  Adults embrace and accept the cancer as a necessary part of life.  People who suffer from belligerent ‘Religion Cancer’ display some of the following symptoms:-
  • A willingness to fly into buildings and kill non sufferers who they call infidels
  • Hearing  voices and seeing demons
  • Slapping young girls in church, attempting to cast out evil spirits from women, old people and the mentally ill.
  • Speaking in tongues and rolling on the floor in a state of holy ghost frenzy
  •  Murdering albinos and hunchbacks for  money making rituals
  •  Offering animals as sacrifice to Gods
  • Quoting Sodom and Gomorrah as a reason to stone gays to death and deny sexual minorities equal rights
  • Screaming from mountain tops that sky daddy must strike down perceived enemies by fire by force.  
  •  Demanding that everyone be forcefully infected with 'Religion cancer'.
  •   Yelling at non sufferers that they will burn in hell for eternity.


 Do you know anyone who exhibits one or more of the symptoms above? Does any of your family member or friend display some of these symptoms? 
ARE YOU INFECTED? Stay Calm, Be Calm, although ‘Religion Cancer’ is a very powerful cancer it can still be defeated.
Well, all hope is not lost; act fast, save your brain from the grip of the deadly ‘Religion Cancer’. Start your medication now, take doses of reason and logic, engage in rational thinking , search for facts , demand evidence, this would surely scare the cancer away and with time it would shrink considerably and in some cases, full recovery is made.
 Act now and start thinking rationally. Surround yourself with people who still have their brains intact and do not to infect others. 


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