Thursday, 2 May 2013

This blog has moved to the Freethought blogs network, do join me there!


This post is to inform you, my dear readers, that this blog has now moved to Freethought Blogs network. I have joined the Freethought Bloggers, therefore this blog will now be operating from my space on the Freethought Blog site, under the name YEMMYnisting. Yes, the only thing changing is the location,  the blog's name, aims and objectives still remain the same.

Wow, I am so honoured and elated to be invited to join Freethoughts blog (FtB)! I am not usually star struck, but I must say in the world of Atheism, Feminism and everything Freethought, my S/heros are on Freethought blog (FtB). I didn't even know some of them were reading my blog, so of course, I am excited to be invited to share a freethought space with them!

I do love Blogger and my pretty purple space here, but sometimes we just have to move on. However, this is not a break up speech, it is just a relocation which does not have to lead to a break up. If anything, we are expanding our family space!

I am not closing down this blog here and all contents will still be available. However, I shall be moving some contents to the new site and further posts, comments and interactions shall be on my space on the Freethought Blogs network.

I do hope all subscribers to my blog here would join me in my new space, also new subscribers are very much welcomed. 

Do check out my posts, subscribe, save my new link in your RSS feeds, and if you have me in your blogroll, do update the link. Peep in as often as possible, because I love having you around and literally your views count! 

Show your love, stop by and don't be too shy to say "Hi" on my new blog space! And on my side, I shall endeavour to keep serving you my opinions hot! I am also open to suggestions on issues you'd like me to blog about! See ya at YEMMYnisting! 


  1. greeting from an Iranian Atheist... i've been reading your blog. and i'll keep visiting new one.