Sunday, 30 October 2011


Should women have equal rights as men? Should blacks have equal rights as whites? Are Israelites and Palestinians equal? Some of these questions have been settled through wars, protests and various human rights treaties, in fact it is considered politically incorrect to ask such questions! I wonder why it is not considered politically incorrect to ask if  Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals or Transsexuals have equal rights as heterosexuals?  If we are agreed that no one should be discriminated against, why are we still debating if LGBT rights are Human Rights? Well, debate is good because in some countries like Nigeria, many are yet to be convinced that LGBTs are actually human beings!

Following failed attempts in 2006 and 2008, Nigerian lawmakers are resurrecting a version of a widely condemned anti-homosexuality bill, now entitled: “An Act to Prohibit Marriage between Persons of Same Gender, Solemnization Of Same And For Other Matters Related Therewith"  

Nigerian Lawmakers in a bid to rally popular support needed a scapegoat, and the LGBT community provides an easy target! The lawmakers decided once again to come in a "Straight" mass orgy of corruption to bully the gay minority, a cause always guaranteed to provide the lawmakers cheap, majority support! When will they stop discussing who is sleeping with whom and start making laws that would actually move the underdeveloped, oil rich nation forward?

The bill aims to further criminalize same sex relationship and marriage. Under Nigeria’s criminal code and penal code, consensual same sex conduct between adults is a criminal offence. Homosexuality carries a sentence of fourteen years imprisonment under the criminal code while Sharia law, widely practised in Northern Nigeria prescribed death penalty for homosexual conducts. 

Some of the Nigerian S(inators) argument against same sex relationship are outright ridiculous if not pathetic! I still can't believe a polygamous, wrinkled, Senator who imported the daughter of his Egyptian gardener, a 14 year old girl to marry in Nigeria is actually sitting in the Senate, to consider whether CONSENTING SAME SEX ADULTS have a right to marry or even be in a relationship! 

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Domingo Obende, argued that “ Same sex marriage is spreading and spreading round the whole world just like pornography and terrorism which has become the order of the day if not arrested on time.” Senator Victor Lar in his argument stated:  “The essence of marriage is for procreation and if we allow same sex there will be no procreation and continuity and we may become the last set of senators and no others to take over from us.”  Even with 7 billion world population?

 Against African culture?  Sodomy law is a foreign imposition!  It is a colonial legacy, a relic from British Empire colonization of Nigeria!  Britain has repealed the law in its constitution, but many of its ex colonies still clings to it and use it to persecute LGBTs.  Well, Britain would have to clean up its mess and accept more LGBT refugees without whining! 

The Commonwealth Heads of Governments meeting (CHOGM) takes place in Perth, Australia from 28-30 October.  This is an opportunity for Britain to put Sodomy laws on the agenda!
The Nigerian LGBT community with international support, has been successful in quashing this bill twice, but now needs international support to throw out this bill once and for all. TUC and UNISON has strongly condemned the bill. Nigerian LGBT in Diaspora Against Anti Same Sex Laws is campaigning against it. LGBT Rights are human rights and workers rights. International solidarity knows no borders. Equal Rights are not equal until everyone has equal rights!


  1. In fact that senator married a 13 yr old and he is talking about morality! His state is proverty shriken when he was a governon yet he introduced shari'a law to be killing and amputating hands of children who might still cuz of hunger!

  2. The Senator is a Pedophile and he belongs in jail not in the Senate House, but then so many of his senate colleagues also belong in jail, there are a bunch of stealnators!