Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Forlorn faces
Painful traces
Shows the strain
Of years of pain
Etched in wrinkles
Body shriveled
Eyes blankly dead
Toiling for seeds
Take a seat
For Life is a beat

Youthful joy of living
Pleasure of feeling
Playground pain
Forgotten in the strain
Slaving in the bustle
Of a city life hustle
Rushing to make a living
But never enough savings
Buried under the bills
Struggling with the tills
Just another zombie
Scurrying for the bloodline

Memories long sheltered
Recluse of a mind shattered
Echoes of a child‘s laughter
Cause for a sudden falter
If only life could be paused
Back to when the heart pulsed
The moment of childhood wonder
So far away it echoes a shudder
Reliving ambitions and expectations
Youthful energy bursting with expressions
Eager to make the world an oyster
But now slave to the blood suckers

Laughter has lost its meaning
Pain is no longer a feeling
Another Zombie in the waiting
Push and shove to join the tube
Tis the era of the living dead
Giving blood for the bills
And now life is still
No pain, no joy, no feeling
Just the living dead earthlings
Scurrying for the Zombie lines!!!


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