Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No longer a friend!

Once upon a time
In another clime
I could call you a friend
Together we chart the trends
We built castles with stars
In laughter and in tears
Pain and pleasure we shared
Two but as one we paired
Because you were my friend
But now you are a fiend!

What happened to our bond?
No longer by friendship bound?
No more secrets and trust to share
Friendship shield lost to snares
My pain is no longer your pain
My joy now cause for your strain
Life is a travesty
Growing up our tragedy
Achievements in reverse
A reason for a big divide
Life dealing cards
Without regards
Another friend in the deck
Forever lost to life’s cards!

Tis hard saying goodbye in the storm
To friendship in its purest form
It is now time for adult “friends”
Where power determines the fiends
The higher I fly the more friends I have
Sink lower and the friends are halved
With every sinking hole they fled
Until there is no one to call a friend
True friendship is now a luxury
Almost out of reach like Mercury
Echoes of a distance past in childhood
Sacrificed on the harsh realities of adulthood
Be my friend for what is worth
Just be true no matter what!


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