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I often receive some very ignorant comments from believers, mostly Nigerian Christians who pompously inform me that I am going to burn in hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior. They claim if I do not stop campaigning for equal rights for all, which basically mean, I should stop the ‘gay agenda’ of promoting lesbians, gays , bisexuals and transsexuals as PERSONS entitled to human rights,  I will feel the wrath of their  all merciful, all loving but obviously vengeful and insecure in his sexuality God. Oh, how they love calling me a fool because their precious bible claim anyone one who says there is no God is a fool. But I must say, this comment on my fb wall by a deluded Christian is a prime example of just how stupid many Nigerian Christians are.

Yemisi Ilesanmi the anti Christ. I am sure that you are a vessel of the devil in this end time but we are specially annoited and commissioned to frustrate and fail you.”
Ok, let’s forget that he got the spelling of ‘anointed’ wrong, although that is quite funny because that word is always on the lips of Nigerian Christians, e.g. “I am anointed” , “anointing fall on me” and the very popular “You don buy your anointing oil?”

I will proceed to critically scrutinize this comment as it shows the level of religious retardation the average Nigerian Christian suffers from.

Yemisi Ilesanmi the anti Christ.”-
Who in their right mind still call people ‘Antichrist’? If, not accepting your blue eyed, blonde, sexy Jew, hanging half naked on a cross on your neck, makes me an Anti Christ, are the over 5 billion human inhabitants of this planet earth who are not Christians also Anti Christ?  Are we all going to burn in hell for not worshiping your God? You cannot use the word anti Christ and expect any intelligent person to take you seriously. You really come across as the epitome of stupid when you accuse someone of being an ‘anti Christ’.

 I am sure that you are a vessel of the devil in this end time”- Really, Vessel of the devil?  Na locomotive, manual or electronically operated Vessel? Leave it to Nigerian Christians who are yet to free themselves from mental slavery to use such description.  

And this “end times” scary business, has it not always been end times?  If you truly believe you are living in end times wouldn’t you move into a monastery or church to avoid  temptations and wait for the rapture? Or don’t you want to ascend into heaven with your darling lover, the sexy Jesus Christ?  

You scream it is end times because some people say your God is only a figment of your deluded and colonized imagination. You think because gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals are demanding the same right you enjoy as a citizen, it must be end times. You believe legalizing same sex marriage is a sign of the end times. Funny, but did you not know that Jesus had two daddies?

Yes Jesus daddies were your precious God and the poor carpenter, Joseph, who had his fianc√© raped and impregnated by Holy Ghost. Well, Jesus turned out fine except for that period when he thought he was, you know, the son of the creator of the universe, although, in all fairness, he was quite confused. One minute he said he was the son, then the next he said he was both the son and the father, you know, that holy trinity shitty business, where your precious Jesus is his own father, impregnated his own mother to give birth to himself, so that he could save your unborn ass from the sins he claimed your white ancestors committed in a garden of Eden where snakes used to talk.  What a story!

You do not think teaching such fables as facts in our public schools is the sign of ‘end  times’, but telling you that this story was the frenzied imagination of some dessert dwelling men and the people who colonized you is? Really, how much more stupid can you be?

but we are specially annoited and commissioned to frustrate and fail you
Now, this is the epitome of the stupidity of your average Nigerian Christian. Of all the imaginary anointing possible, this one is proud to be "anointed and commissioned to frustrate and fail” Yemisi Ilesanmi, and he is so proud of it too!

He was not anointed to heal the world, to find a cure for cancer, to end poverty, he was not even anointed to fight Boko Haram that are slaughtering his fellow Christians but he is proud to proclaim that his special anointing is to “frustrate and fail” Yemisi Ilesanmi the “anti Christ”. Even your God must think you are a moron if, of all the responsibilities in the world, that is the anointing he chose to give you!

What is so pathetic is that, this is the type of mindset that allows a rich country like Nigeria to spiral downhill.

While the fanatic islamist Boko Haram go on the streets to slaughter Christians and innocent people to earn 72 virgins in heaven and score a point in the name of their pedophile prophet, the average Nigerian Christian is content to bask in the delusion of a special anointing. They are content to buy anointing oil from their pastors vineyard, pay their pastors to turn the oil into some magic portion,  dab it on their forehead and pronto, that is their armour against bullets, accidents, corrupt government, rising unemployment, poverty and their evil step mother.  

Even the foreign missionaries that brought Christianity to Africa knew that they had to invade with weapons and devise ways to hijack the land and cart off many able-bodied Africans into slavery. They did not just rely on anointing oil; they created their anointing oil in the form of superior physical weaponry, not some imaginary floating skydaddy. Lazy Nigerian Christians still do not understand how the game is played. They are content to sit in their corner of the world and sigh “God is in control”.

Nigerian Christians bask in the euphoria of a special anointing, with a big ego that makes them feel they are special because they have Jesus. They brandish the bible like some sort of talisman to ward off so called ‘evil spirits’.  Don’t they even know that the bible says they are inferior beings and the very blackness of their skin, a curse?

And for the women who sing their heart out in church and dance like their life depends on it, did they ever read the part that says they are subhuman, not equal to a man and must not speak in public? Really, how stupid do you look preaching and praising a book that claim you are less than equal to another human being?

Now, to go back to this anointing business, if a Boko Haram member left a message on the wall of a Christian that he is specially anointed and commissioned to frustrate and fail the Christian, won’t it be seen as a terrorist act? Won’t other Christians cry out and demand that the state protect them from this fanatic Islamist? Why then is it acceptable for Christians to send such ‘threatening’ messages to atheists?  Double standards?

Wait a minute, could it be that everyone suspects that the average Nigerian Christian is just as useless as they come.  Maybe even deep down the Christian knows there is nothing like a ‘special anointing’. This special anointing business is just a cover for their helplessness, a fear they are not willing to face, since the thought of a superman or skydaddy figure watching over them from the clouds, shields them from facing the harsh realities of the world they live in.

But the tragedy is, even if the special anointing of this religitard Christian is a figment of the imagination. Although, for now, he is not actively throwing stones and bombs at 'antichrists', there are many other ways these Christians harm non believers.

Take for instance; what if I happened to be at the mercy of this guy who thinks his special anointing is to frustrate and fail me. What if this guy is my boss, would my employment still be secured? What if I had a job interview and this guy seats at the other end, do you honestly think he would recommend me for the job even if I met all the criteria? What if I was homeless, hungry and dying, do you think this guy who claims his special anointing is to frustrate and fail me would offer a hand of help?

 If he did offer help, you can be sure that it would come with a condition attached, and of course that condition would be that I first accept Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior.  Of course, you can be sure that he would give me a lecture on how all my travails are a backlash from my mocking Jesus and saying there is no God. He would be so pleased to tell me that all my calamities are God’s ways of showing me his supremacy as he is ‘Papa God’, the lord of the universe, he who must not be mocked. Really, what person of ethics, with an iota of morality rejoices at the misfortunes of others and claims it is God’s way of showing his superiority. It takes a special brand of stupid to find joy in such dastardly acts.

Now, the point is, even though the average Nigerian Christian does not have the conviction of his religion to go out there and throw stones and bombs at the antichrists, there are many other ways your average Nigerian christian terrorizes those who do not share their faith. They economically disempower, politically castrate and socially estrange atheists. These are all acts of terrorism.

Nigerian Christian terrorism is when thousands of church goers watch and applaud their pastor as he publicly slaps a defenseless young girl whom he accuses of witchcraft. Christian terrorism is when Catholic Popes and priests cover up the rape of altar boys. Terrorism is when you send atheists threatening messages or refuse to employ an atheist even when they are qualified for the job. Religion terrorism is when you oppose public appointments of atheists because they do not share your faith.

The average Nigerian religious retard would definitely not vote for an atheist even if the atheist would help grow the economy, fight poverty, ensure stable power supply, improve national security and provide employment. 

The many stupid Nigerian Christians are more concerned about their special anointing to frustrate and fail the anti Christ who demand for equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. They are not concerned about devising practical means to change their oppressive government whose policies are responsible for the hardships that is frustrating this one life they have. While everything around them falls apart, they are content to dream of a better world somewhere in the clouds even though none of them want to die, heck, none of them even want the rapture to happen.  Really, why are so many Nigerian Christians so stupid?  

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