Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chin up and Weather the Storm!

You think you have it rough
Could it be as tough as the dough?
Beaten up and cuts into bits
Tossed into the oven heat
Yet comes out crispy and hot
Ready for the icing on top
With the paste we all have a favourite place
Cakes put a smile on many a bride’s face
Doughnuts and bread for everyone in plates
Path full of thorns but I wipe clean the slates
Like a rough diamond, I come out trump
Chin up and weather the storm!

Yes I am a beautiful flower
But I have also been sour
For it is not always summer
In winter there is no shower
Sucked dry by the weeds
Blown away by the winds
Heads down not much to look at forlorn
It will be summer again and I shall blossom
My blazing colours and aroma will captivate
Butterflies and birds my nectar to salivate
To rise again, I need to be strong
Chin up and weather the storm!

Unemployed, accounts in red
Bills to pay, family to be fed
You have it hard but take a look at me
Homeless, refugee, not an account to my name
From faraway I come seeking greener pastures
I could be deported in a minute gesture
I am pregnant, barefoot, hungry children crying
Land ravaged by famine, droughts and slaying
I have no food, bank or fertile land still I walk on
The world plays politics and religion with my situation
I am just a statistic, so bleak but I trudge on
Chin up and weather the storm!

I am the proud Rainbow, with awe you stare
Beautiful colours blazing across the clear blue sky
Sky once laden with rain soaked tears
Cloudy, stormy, wintry and no stars
Sunshine will always find a way to break through
The rainbow will blaze again, marvel and stay true
Life dishes out its mixture of pain and pleasure
With pressure we appreciate more our treasures
Stricken down, rise up and look beyond the snares

This too shall pass for nothing stays the same
When it is all falling apart, just stay strong
Chin up and weather the storm!

 BY © Yemisi Ilesanmi 28 July, 2011 

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