Thursday, 15 December 2011


I am a woman and I am weeping
The tears won’t stop seeping
Like a river it keeps flowing
At my heart it tugs, nipping
My eyes are bleeding
My nose keeps running
They say I should slow it
But all they do is blow it
Teardrops just like crystals
Not mine alone but all sisters!

I am a woman and I am weeping
On my feet I keep thinking
The dreams I have to maintain
The tears I cannot curtail
From day to night I toil
In the fields I till the soil
Bent over with hands, this I can bear
Hoping my behind I won’t have to bare
For the children and the aged I have to care
The burdens sometimes leave me bare!

I am a woman and I am weeping
In the boardroom I am seething
They negotiate my seat
As I take in all the heat
It matters not that I have the brains
The body is what they want to drain
With my pen poised I stand on the stool
But they tell me brain is not the tool
As all they want is my body to drool
And for me to play the fool!

I am a woman and I am weeping
From the corners I am peeping
Paving the streets in my high heels
Hoping the deals I can now seal
My health and safety is at risk
But the children can’t eat sticks
In the boardroom, on the street
It matters not where I  sit
My brain makes me an expert
But all they want is a Sexpert!

I am a woman and I am weeping
I fight the system but hope is fleeting
The streets I keep combing
While my heart keep sobbing
How long shall I be suppressed
Now they say I am depressed
I do not need a mental operation
What I hate is this oppression
You can keep your psychiatry
While I kick your patriarchy!



  1. Hi Yemisi! I'm not on Facebook anymore, so I can't use my Mad Maddie Mendelsson pseudonym. Hope that you're doing well!

    1. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for getting in touch. I noticed you weren't on Facebook anymore, i was worried because you didn't say you were leaving FB. I am glad you are OK, hope all is well? Hugs.