Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I am a Single Mother

I am a single mother
Proud like the other
I was a young mummy
Now wise and yummy
Yes I have a son
As bright as the sun
You say he needs a daddy
For him to be dandy
But I need no ring
To make me sing

I am a single mother
Sleek as the otter
I need no rows
To take the vows
I work and toil
But I don’t spoil
I spare the rod
But he is not rot
Sometimes I smack
Never leave a mark

I am a single mother
That is not a murder
So stop the blunders
Enough of your slanders
You need a man
Like your Nan
Soon you will sag
Funny how they nag
I really don’t know for what
Certainly not for my want!

I am a single mother
I am proud to utter
He has a father
Who is just farther
You should know
It takes Two
Not just a procreator
To be his creator
A baby a community can scold
It takes love a human to mould

I am a single mother
Stop your muttering
He is not a bastard
Don’t be so dastardly
He is not a furnace
For your social menace
He is not a barnacle
But a special miracle
Landing on your moon
To make you swoon

I am a single mummy
Both sexy and yummy
I can date, I will get a sitter
Don’t be late, I need no cheater
Just be ready
To go steady
No drinking late
That leaves you stale
Three is a number
That leaves me somber

I am a single mother
That can go yonder
I am proud to mutter
That I am no nutter
My son praises I sing
For he is a gift I bring
I need no wedding ring
Not even a big bling
Get out of your cove
For it is time to love


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