Friday, 2 December 2011

Countdown to 36!

At One I was born
At Two I was teething
At Three I was ready to climb trees
At Four I was told girls get on all fours not climb
At Five it was about how girls don’t fight
At Six I was an excited student
At Seven it was all so new
At Eight I was eating without guilt
At Nine I heard of Niles
At Ten I was still playing Ten-Ten
At Eleven I was getting the levels
At Twelve it was twelfth night or what you will
At Thirteen I learn I was a teen
At Fourteen It was proper sitting
At Fifteen I learn not to be filthy
At Sixteen I was a sweet sixteen
At Seventeen I was a free spirit
At Eighteen I was eaten
At Nineteen I was with a tummy
At Twenty I was a mummy
At Twenty one I was the twisted one
At Twenty two I thought in twos
At Twenty three I was told to think threes
At Twenty four it was all so sour
At Twenty five I gave myself the high five
At Twenty six I was tweeting
At Twenty seven I was up in levels
At Twenty eight I was getting the haters
At Twenty nine I was flying high
At Thirty I was still thirsty
At Thirty one I was the flirty one
At Thirty two I declared I love in Twos!
At Thirty three it was about threesomes
At Thirty four it was becoming dour
At Thirty five I needed a fight
At Thirty six I am penning my theatrics!

BY © YEMISI ILESANMI , 31 AUGUST, 2011 (Inspired by Van Rijkaard ‘36’)

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